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Shimano Tcurve Revolution Inshore 662 Barra Spin fishing rod


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Tcurve Revolution fishing rods feature the original Tcurve Blank technology utalizing a unique, 3 ply graphite weave construction with a proprietary resin curing process. This ensures that shimano Tcurve rods are light yet durable and powerful enough to cope with Australian saltwater species.

The revolution inshore series aims to deliver a range of high quality, ligh to medium estuary fresh and saltwater fishing solutions.


The Shimano Tcurve inshore 662 barra spin fishing rod measures 1.98 metres and is a 2 piece fishing rod. The fishing line rating on the rod is 5-8kg

Note: Image is for illustration purposes only. Picture is of a rod in the Shimano T-curve Revolution series. However, actual rod in this listing may vary slightly to the image shown. Please use the image as a illustration reference only.