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Shimano Starlo Stix Tournament pro Fishing Rod 762 Vibe


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Shimano Starlo Stix Tornament Pro Fishing Rods are a suberb fishing rod if fishing with soft plastic lures or hard bodied lures if your thing. This particular Starlo Stix Fishing rod measures 2.29 metres total length and is a 2 piece fishing rod with a line rating of 2-4kg.

This particular starlo stix tournament pro fishing rod has been designed especially for launching vibe and blade lures around lakes, estuaries and bays for bream, flathead and more.

Starlo doesn’t put his name behind just any product – the Starlo STP Pro Series is no exception. They have to work, and most of all have to meet his high expectations of high-performance and versatility. All these Starlo Stix Tournament Pro fishing rods are built on high modulus graphite blanks making them ultra-light and responsive in all conditions. Coupled with painted Fuji reel seats, SEA Guide Zirconium Guides on a performance orientated blank, you have a fish catching weapon Plus split style butt sections (spin models only) compliment ultra-light and responsive blanks hand chosen by Starlo and Ian Miller according to strict criteria and Australian conditions.