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Shimano Dendou Maru Beastmaster Z9 Large Electric Fishing Reel


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The Shimano Dendou Marou Electric Fishing Reel. Recreational anglers are now investigating the deep reefs that lie either side of the Continental Shelf drop off, which are home to deepwater ooglies like blueye trevalla, gemfish, hapuka, bass groper and cod. Now, winding a massive sinker and even just a single big fish up out of 70 to 150 fathoms of water requires a lot of effort, but the Shimano Dendou Maru electric overhead takes the hard work out of it. Powered by a 12 volt battery, the Dendou Maru’s stainless steel gears are up to the strain of dealing with heavy sinkers and big fish in extreme depths.

Line Capacity of the Shimano Denou Maru Beastmaster Z9 Fishing reel is approx 1000 metres of 80lb power pro braid.

Note: These reels may not always be instore and are ordered direct from Shimano upon order confirmation. Please allow a few extra days for delivery.