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Gladiator Snakeskin to 4kg Fishing Rod Model SSS 19842 Buy 1 get 1 no charge


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Gladiator Snakeskin Fishing Rod model SSS 19842 fishing rod is a 2 piece spin fishing rod suitable for fishing to 4kg.

The length of this gladiator snakeskin fishing rod is 1.98 metres or approx 6 foot 6 inches.

Snake Skin Sports series of rods incorporate the latest in fishing rod design technology. The integrating of different types of graphite cloth over an IM8 blank give the rods the three most vital

characteristics you need in a rod when fishing:

3.Feather-light weight

All GLADIATOR rods are developed for fishing in Australia. Using the SSS series of rods allows you to fish all day with the knowledge that the rod will handle whatever punishment is thrown at it. Titanium guides ensure you are using the best guides you can especially for braid. The Fuji reel seat hood give you the strength to put the heat on hard fighting fish. The double wrap PET tape process on the blank gives the rod the unique Snake Skin look and feel.

Features and Benefits:

Multiple Section: 2 Piece fishing rod making this rod compact and easy to transport.

Line Rating: of upto 4kg makes this a great allround light-med fishing rod. Its applications are mostly for fishing in lakes, bays, rivers or for light boat fishing. You can catch fish such as Flathead, Bream, Whiting, Flounder, Bass just to name a few.

Materiel: The Gladiator Snakeskin  fishing rod is made of graphite which means you are going to get a very sensitive and responsive rod, great to use for bait fishing or soft plastic or hard body fishing lures.

Size: This particular rod is 1.98 metres or approximately 6 foot 6 Inch. If you are looking for a matching fishing reel to suit the Gladiator Snakeskin SSS 19842 fishing rod series we have many brands and price points to choose from but we recommend a fishing reel with any the following size models: 25, 30 or 2000, 2500, 3000 sized fishing reels. These rods suit spinning reels only. 

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